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Put some Moovin in your mail

Posted by Nathan Mericka on

Put some Moovin in your mail

Something magical happens when you receive mail. Think of the feeling you get when you see a package on your desk at work, a parcel on your doorstep, a handwritten envelope mixed in with your regular mail.

People LOVE receiving mail. Research by Gallup showed that over 90% of Americans say they have a very positive or positive reaction when receiving personal letters and cards.

Even though mail can now be considered ‘old fashioned’ when so much of our life admin is done online, it’s still kept its vintage appeal. Cards and letters retain the physical, tangible value that shows the sender put in a bit of extra effort to make the recipient feel special.

Nowadays as so many parts of our lives have been uploaded to the web, it’s harder to find that touch of personal creativity that makes us feel celebrated, appreciated, special or loved.

A video message or Skype call is great, but you can’t display it in your home or on your desk at work. A physical greeting card is great, but the recipient wants to actually see you! See your face, hear your voice, enjoy your personality. Therein lies the problem, a gap between the physical and the digital world. Until now…

Moovin cards bridge that gap by blending the beauty of traditional, tangible greeting cards with the power of personalised digital technology. But how?

Moovin cards include;

  • a space for your handwritten message and decorations
  • a unique QR code the recipient scans to watch your personal video message on their smartphone!

Send something fresh, unique and truly personal to your friends and family this time. You could even...

  • Wave happy birthday to Grandma
  • Blow a kiss to your loved one
  • Sing a Christmas carol to your family
  • Give a thumbs up when congratulating your child
  • High-five your buddy when saying thanks