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Press release: Patented QR code video linking technology from Japan now available to Australian market

Posted by Nathan Mericka on

TOKYO, JAPAN - 16 January 2019 - Australian businesses and consumers can now attach digital video messages to physical greeting cards for the enjoyment of their clients, friends and families with Moovin’s patented QR code video linking technology.

Moovin products, previously only available in Japan, are now available exclusively to Australians via a new online store as Moovin begins its overseas expansion. Moovin is also welcoming partnerships with Australian businesses to integrate their own products with Moovin’s technology and/or stock Moovin products.

How does it work?

1. Sender scans the unique QR code printed inside the greeting card
2. Sender uploads their video message to the QR code
3. Recipient scans the QR code and watches the video message on their smartphone (without downloading any apps)

The Moovin store ships directly from Tokyo, Japan to anywhere in Australia. Moovin’s QR code video stickers (that can be placed on any product) will also be made available in Q1 2019.

UXENT Inc. (operating under the brand name Moovin) develops smartphone based applications and is based in Tokyo, Japan. UXENT Inc. previously partnered with well known brands Asahi, Suntory, Shiseido, Japan Post and The Wall Street Journal.

Yasutaka Nagatomi, UXENT Inc.’s founder and CEO is excited for the value his company’s innovations will bring to the Australian greeting card industry.

“Our technology adds a new dimension to traditional greeting cards,” he said. “We have used digital technology to enhance, rather than replace, one of the oldest gift giving traditions.”

Australia’s greeting card market was an attractive choice for UXENT Inc. with approximately 25,000+ stores across the country selling greeting cards and a consumption rate of 22 cards per person per annum making Australia the 3rd largest market for greeting cards per capita in the world (AGCA). UXENT Inc. anticipates their products breathing new life into Australia’s greeting card industry which employs around 20,000 Australians.


About UXENT Inc.

UXENT Inc. develops smartphone based applications that link photos and videos to QR codes under the brand name Moovin. Moovin also designs greeting cards, gift boards, photo frames and stickers used with its applications. The company is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and was founded in 2014.

Contact: Nathan Mericka Alena Zhukova